About Anja

Foto: Julie Pike /Pudder Agency

I am a greenfluencer, storyteller and founder of Green House. Here, I will keep telling stories – of sustainable design, real food, slow travel and organic beauty.

I have a master’s degree in Fashion Journalism from Central Saint Martins. I have worked as fashion director of Stella, editor-in-chief of PS: magasin and contributed to publications like Acne Paper, Cover and Quotation magazine.

Outside of Green House I work regularly with several publications and brands with a green focus. You can view some of my editorial portfolio here and commercial here.

My interest in green living has been with me for as long as I can remember and I have been longing for a “green place” of my own. Thus, I am proud to invite you to my Green House. A place for pure inspiration – free of dreary debates and artificial additives.

Stay as long as you want and come back soon!

Love, Anja xx

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